Miracle money testimony after paying my HIP

I haven't been able to pay my HIP for quiet some time now because of some financial challenges...

Last week Rev. Instructed that I should not default in paying my HIP. I had cash I had saved to pay part of a training fee, so I took it and deferred my payment... I took a step of faith to do God's own first.

Two days later I went to the ATM to make withdrawal of the last cash left in my account all for me to see 130% increase of what was left in my account.

Went to trace the cash and I found dat it was paid to my account d day I paid my HIP, nobody has this account because it is used for only my salary . THANK YOU LORD



Indeed we have a prophet.. this is a confirmation to what was prophesied last month after paying my HIP... my man of God was specific he actually said dat I will be receiving cash rewards dat period as if he knew it's been a long year for me and d usual was no longer usual cos it's been some financial setbacks.

So expecting money from people was Zero dis year cos complaints about the Economic Situation is just too much...d moment d word came i never stopped speaking His words nd though it looked like it was not goin to come to pass my faith was even stronger.. prophetically just within d space of 2weeks late last month infact I will say I got attacked with money from different angles

But prophetically Money was released to me and my big brother was a bit of a shock to me doh as dere was no struggle 4rm him ... am so full of Praises on my lips ... HIP IS OUR SURE WAY TO KEEP RISING... INDEED WE HAVE A PROPHET!

Gpc Abuja

Extraordinary grace on my life since I became a Higher Impact Partner

I took a step of faith in response to d Invitation we received from our Man of God to partner with him in taking d gospel to all d Nations of d earth. I was inspired by the Spirit of God to release my monthly HIP as a sacrifice

Missions work began to burn so much in my heart, my eyes were opened to see what d gospel according to our Man of God, Dr. Isaiah Wealth would do in d lives of people; d pains and tears of d hopeless & dying sinners been washed away, turning them from darkness to light. I could see the naked been clothed and lives been transformed and tears would gather in my eyes in appreciation to God and our Man of God for d great privilege to be part of this High Calling -The Higher Impact Vision

Apart from d great joy in my heart for been part of this work, I have also noticed two great blessings I have received since I became a Higher Impact Partner

First, I began to receive several gifts up till recently an Apple MacBook Air worth hundreds of thousands of naira. It was least expected at the time it came. I also received a home appliance and several financial blessings.

Secondly, my Children began working in divine health.

Pastor Sophie Osagie
Lekki 1, Nig. Prov. 2